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Graham Fry, Managing Director, avsnet

Previously we covered how retail banking, independent financial advisers, private healthcare providers and utilities companies are realising huge benefits with visual communications.

Since then even more companies have turned to video as a crucial part of their omnichannel customer strategy.

Is your industry one of these industries and are your competitors getting an advantage over you?

This use of video spans easy-to-use browser video chat all the way to virtual meeting rooms where customers can consult face to face with contact centre staff in private.

It’s also in parallel with the broader change happening in the workplace where visual communications is transforming how businesses collaborate, helping to accelerate time to market, break down departmental silos and dramatically reduce costs.

So, if your industry didn’t make our list last time, don’t worry, we have another four sectors for you…

Is yours on the list? 


1) Air Travel


One of the best-known reasons why companies implement visual communications is for the time and money savings from reducing employee travel, particularly by air.

Ironically, the air travel industry itself is no stranger to this outcome.

Many airline businesses have achieved a rapid return on investment after implementing cutting-edge video conferencing solutions that allow colleagues, suppliers and partners in other countries to meet in virtual meeting rooms without ever having to set foot on a plane.

With margins under severe pressure and market competitiveness at an all-time high, airlines are now also catering for digital savvy travellers who are demanding an extremely high standard of service.

Which is why, when appropriate, airlines are now offering video chat services to their customers on the digital platform of their choice from mobile phones and tablets through to laptops, or through dedicated video rooms in their service centres.


2) Legal Aid


Law firms practicing in publicly funded criminal and civil law are much sought after and play a crucial role in benefiting society. However, every penny counts when building a case, and the costs of providing suitable meeting facilities, travel to and from clients or even connecting with courts and police agencies can mount up quickly.

Video and virtual meeting rooms offer the security needed to manage confidential client discussions from afar, particularly when the client accesses the meeting via a cloud conferencing service using their smartphone.

In addition, legal aid lawyers and pro-bono barristers can make use of video collaboration to provide remote witness or expert testimony.


3) Power plants


Power plants are known for their operations technology, heavy investment in technology and need for systems that run smoothly 24/7.

However, as they become more digitally connected, communications with both industry partners and within their own internal plants are becoming increasingly important.

Colleagues working in different parts of the facility can quickly meet face to face using collaboration solutions either in meeting rooms or on their mobile devices, allowing them to make rapid, and often essential, decisions that affect the efficiency of the plant.


4) Brokers


Whether working within global markets managing high value transactions or managing financial portfolios for private clients, communication is the lifeblood of brokers.

One to one meetings with prospects or clients can be handled much more efficiently and cost-effectively if they are carried out virtually, which is why this sector has been transformed by video collaboration.

From integrated audio and video conferencing, and state of the art presentation facilities in boardrooms, through to workplace collaboration systems and cloud conferencing, brokers have become experts at rapid decision making, taking advantage of the business opportunities that are supported by today’s sophisticated video communications solutions.

Still not seen how your industry can benefit from visual communications? Submit your suggestion for our next top four here!

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