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With the Olympics nearly upon us, businesses need a comprehensive plan to cope with the expected disruption. Maintaining collaboration and clear communication between remote staff isn’t difficult with a managed video and audio conferencing service. To help with the Games, we are offering a trial of our cloud-based conferencing service with a commitment of just 3 months instead of the usual year. That way you can see the real benefits of managed video and audio conferencing through an extremely disruptive period.

To find out about the Olympics special offer we are running and how cloud based video and audio conferencing can benefit your organisation, please contact Stephen Minall at sminall@avsnet.co.uk or on 07584 691244.

With or without the Olympics, businesses are faced with a shift in the way staff wish to work. The flexibility of unified communications has provided organisations and workforces many benefits, but also thrown up some challenges. Maintaining strong communication across the whole business has become a strain on IT departments, organisational budgets and staff patience.

Businesses need a simple, powerful way to enable face-to-face collaboration wherever staff might be and at any given time. avsnet’s managed conferencing service offers just that.

It provides limitless conferences with multiple participants across a range of devices so employees are given the power to make key decisions quickly and efficiently. Through simple scheduling, video (or audio) meetings can be started through an easy-to-use internet application that is integrated with an organisation’s existing unified system.

The moderator sets up an invite that is instantly received by participants. Both then choose their device for entering the call and proceed to collaborate, share information and communicate as a unified team.

Implementing avsnet’s service is hassle free – there is no need to worry about deploying restrictive devices. Users can use traditional room-based and desktop video and audio conferencing solutions or popular web-based providers like Skype, Google Video Talk or Microsoft Lync which are available on every laptop, PC and tablet / smartphone. The service is completely device / provider agnostic and works on fixed networks or via mobile access.

Organisations are not tied to service providers and home workers can join existing video calls without having to request assistance from IT departments. This saves time, cost and resources that can be allocated elsewhere. Completely secure, users are provided a one-time password and ID to access the call.

With a 2012 Virgin Media Business Report suggesting 60% of employees will work from home within the next decade and the Olympics knocking on the door, now is the time to realise the benefits of cloud based video and audio conferencing. Only paying for what you need, on-demand cloud  conferencing means there is no infrastructure outlay or complicated configurations – we manage everything to do with the service.  It is the perfect solution for an agile, flexible modern business that values cost effective, efficient communication.

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