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We are proud to affirm that we have now received both the ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates after a lot of hard work from the team.

The International Organisation for Standardisation is the world’s largest network of international standards and its approval and recognition confirms our dedication to providing a first class service.

The ISO 9001 relates to quality management systems and applies to company processes that create and control all services that an organisation supplies. This particular certification reflects the commitment an organisation shows towards its customers and creating quality as well as demonstrating a willingness to work on improving its efficiency. In order to achieve certification we needed to demonstrate several principles including a methodical approach to management and decision making, our leadership skills and proof of being a customer focused organisation.

The ISO 14001 addresses aspects of environmental management including identifying and regulating the environmental impact of all its activities, products and services and then to improve on this by setting ecological targets. The idea behind this standard is to provide a guide for organisations on how to address environmental policies and plans.

By achieving this certification we have set in motion the internal objectives of being fully in control of any processes that will have an impact on the environment as well as assuring employees that we are environmentally responsible.

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