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Musion recently enlisted our installation expertise to complete the world’s first live 3D holographic teleconference using Polycom’s Immersive Telepresence. We specially configured standard Polycom HDX equipment and its high-quality video codec to demonstrate the future of business communication.

Representatives from Masergy’s London office, the event’s network provider, were transmitted live across London to Musion’s West London location for a stunning real-time holographic business presentation. The two parties discussed the carbon-free implications of the technology with the immersion levels and physical engagement of a standard face-to-face meeting.

The presentation’s audio capture was flawless and visual integrity perfect thanks to our understanding of the Polycom equipment, Masergy network and Musion holographic technology.

Musion’s patent-protected 3D holographic system has a wide range of uses. Alongside holographic business meetings and remote keynote presentations, it has been used for tradeshows, global conferences, music performances, theme parks, artistic installations, and at launch events for 3D product visualisation.

Some of many public figures who have appeared as live or pre-recorded Musion images are HRH Prince Charles, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Al Gore and Sir Richard Branson. Corporate users include Microsoft, Cisco, BMW, T-Mobile and General Electric.

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