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CollabTRImageThe press coverage for our Cisco and Polycom accreditation announcement continues to come in. This time InAVate has provided a write-up, joining a number of other industry publications that have already shared the news.

The importance of accreditations and the role they play in the technology buying process is something we regularly discuss on this blog. End-users rely on certifications to make informed decisions when investing in new solutions and our customers often state that our commitment to a high level of transparency is valuable when assessing the market.

Another differentiator is how strongly we value our strategic partnerships, which has provided us with the strong relationships behind these accreditations. Evidence of this is demonstrated by the following quotes from senior executives at Polycom and Cisco.

Angela Whitty, Managing Director, UK Partner Organisation at Cisco“I’m very pleased that avsnet has achieved the highest level of specialisation within our collaboration portfolio, Master Collaboration. This confirms avsnet’s commitment to be an excellent and highly valued Cisco partner and demonstrates the highest level of knowledge, service and dedication within this field.

Dave Winchcombe, Area Services Sales Vice President at Polycom“This accreditation demonstrates the quality and breadth of avsnet’s engineering and technical talent, the strength of its operational processes and the company’s network management experience. This combination ensures businesses choosing avsnet will be supported during the entire lifecycle of their IT estates.

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