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Steve Wrigglesworth, SCC AVS’s Cisco UC lead, chimes in on what it means to be a Cisco Partner of the Future.

What would you do if you could see into the future, knowing exactly how tomorrow’s collaboration solutions could improve your business?

This isn’t the stuff of fairy tales; it’s what being a Cisco Partner of the Future and Master Collaboration partner enables us to do.

And, what does our crystal ball show?

Subscription services. Lots of them.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone working in business today.

Cloud has become business-critical.Teams are now spread across different locations and time zones. People expect to work wherever and however they want.

Innovation is happening faster than ever before. Competition is ferocious.

In order to thrive in today’s fast-paced marketplace, enterprises need less complexity, flexible financial models and managed services aligned with buyer lifecycles.

Cisco is transforming itself to keep pace with these customer expectations and enabling enterprises to procure, pay for and support their collaboration solutions however they want.

For most organisations, this means migrating on-premise legacy technologies to ‘as-a-Service’ solutions. Within collaboration, the immediate business benefits when this change takes place can arrive impressively quickly.

Business efficiency rises. Team productivity soars.

Cisco Webex in particular shows this shift in practice.

Enterprises that have embedded Cisco Webex within their collaboration and unified communications strategies are breaking down team silos, accelerating project delivery and enhancing business performance far faster than those without.

And because Cisco Webex leverages the power of the cloud with one easy-to-manage monthly cost, the solution gets better and better with age – a direct contrast to what happens with ageing on-premise technology.

For those companies already using Cisco Webex alongside other Cisco solutions, there’s the opportunity to expand their estate in a sustainable way with Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan as well.

So, whether you’re early into your journey with Cisco or a seasoned veteran with an extensive global Cisco collaboration estate, the future of Cisco Webex is bright and it’s only going to get brighter as time goes on.

Find out just how bright by contacting us today.

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