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Graham Fry

Graham Fry, Managing Director, avsnet

The corporate network can make or break a business. Get it right and you have a huge competitive differentiator delivering higher productivity, greater efficiency and long-term business growth. The opposite? Say hello to frustrated employees, wasted investment and constant headaches for your IT team

I know which one I prefer though implementing a simple-to-manage network is easier said than done, especially now employees work in the office, at home or on the move. Everyone should have the same great user experience.

We’ve been big advocates of Cisco Meraki and the immense power of the cloud for some time, though we believe in letting end-users do the talking of its value.

Below are three Cisco Meraki case studies that reveal how three very different businesses adopted Meraki solutions for business success and some of the results they’ve achieved:

  • A Room with a View (and great Wi-Fi)

Eden Hotels + Resorts needed a secure network for its 15 global locations as well as reliable connectivity for its 500,000+ travellers a year.

That’s why Eden Hotels chose Cisco Meraki to manage its sites via the cloud through Meraki’s powerful dashboards and ability to deliver a reliable network for guests and employees, even with a massive 300 GB of data passing through the network each month.

  • No Longer A Game of Chance

Ladbrokes has over 2,700 outlets across Europe and wanted to provide in-store Wi-Fi as well as linking the online and in-store experience for customers with the use of analytics.

With Cisco Meraki, it was able to deploy Wi-Fi in all high-street outlets quickly and through the easy-to-use analytics dashboard, the network team can see immediate changes in footfall, understand customer behaviours and act upon them.

  • The Best Candidate for the Job

RED staffing agency needed a simple solution to manage its 7 international offices seamlessly to make sure the 5,000 daily phone calls and communication in 80 countries could run smoothly.

RED’s IT management team needed visibility of the entire network, including mobile devices and the ability to easily add and remove devices for new employees. This process now takes substantially less time with the team able to deploy and configure devices in seconds.

How’s that for some business results? Looking for your own expert advice to help improve your network management? Get in touch!

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