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Steve Holmes, Services Director, avsnet

My colleague wrote about how successful user adoption strategies involve easy-to-use technology, personal benefits that are clear for every user and plenty of training and on-boarding.

While these are crucial for rapid ROI and long-term business success, there’s also the acute need for solutions to work flawlessly long after they have been installed.

This becomes more difficult the longer any solution is active in the workplace and the longer its lifespan.

More often than not, this support responsibility falls to IT, facilities managers and helpdesk staff. These unsung heroes endure the technical headaches and repetitive troubleshooting requests, all the while planning how to scale solutions in line with business growth, keep costs manageable and ensure problems can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Despite their best efforts, there’s only a finite amount of time each day and even the most highly qualified, experienced team is limited by the number of current and prospective technical issues it can monitor, track and solve.

Another challenge lies in the fact that workforces are reliant on digital applications and the network. Business leaders have limited patience too. They, like everyone else in a company, benefit from a smooth-running collaboration estate as reliable collaboration equals higher productivity, faster decision-making and greater competitive advantage.

Now, there are many ways to ensure reliability and availability but if you have a Cisco ecosystem then one of the most valuable is Cisco Smart Net.

A top class Smart Net provider is one that provides excellent cover, competitive prices, deep knowledge of Cisco technologies and infrastructure, the partnership to prove it and a dedicated team. It also has the ability to instill confidence in you and your business…

Yes, the confidence that they will proactively monitor your estate 24/7 to identify issues before they become a risk to your business and the confidence that they the capability to deliver million-dollar savings when the estate is enterprise-scale…

Smart Net is a business enabler, a productivity bringer and a transformative force to ease the burden of managing and maintaining even the most complex of Cisco estates. And, at the same time, ensure stringent security, excellent reliability, stronger risk management and abundant cost savings.

Its Smart Capabilities – a combination of incident management, security alerts, service coverage management and product lifecycle management – can all be managed via a simple to use portal complete with customizable dashboards, alerting and interactive workflows.

All in all, this means your business never misses a trick or hidden issue caused by an errant piece of hardware, but it’s important your partner is enabling all these capabilities and associated outcomes.

Is yours? I often say it’s called SMART Net for a reason, because it’s the smart choice!

If all of this sounds like something that’s appealing, I know someone who can help with getting started or leave your email address below and someone will be in touch…

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