Consultancy is the starting point to evaluate and recommend an organisation wide collaboration strategy.

What does collaboration mean to your organisation? This simple question is the starting point for a process that investigates a wide-range of subjects from staff location to network requirements.

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Collaborative Interaction

We investigate how your staff collaborate currently, not just the tools they use but also where the most active communication channels are in your organisation and how they may be improved. What is the extent of shadow IT and what does it fulfil that the official tools do not.

Staff Location

We map out the location of offices and staff numbers then cross-reference that with interaction data to identify where any pinch-points or barriers to communication may exist.

Application Use

We investigate which applications your staff currently use, both official and unofficial. We then determine which offer the most strategic value to your organisation and sit within your security model.

Device Use

What devices do your staff use, both work-provided and personal, are they up to the task of supporting modern collaboration applications while still running the normal day-to-day tools required by your organisation? Does everyone have access to decent webcams and headsets?

Optimise Meeting Spaces

Now more than ever companies are having to rethink their existing meeting spaces. The increase in demand for huddle spaces has now come into sharp focus with the impact of social-distancing. We help your organisation work through the options to create the most productive and safe environments for your staff.

Network Requirements

We assess your network from the point of view of real-time media streams, cloud services and mobile devices. Nothing stresses a network like real-time video so we bring a deep understanding of the requirements and pitfalls.

Network Design

Your network architecture must adapt to your collaboration strategy. We can help you navigate the options to come up with the best design to maximise the user experience.

Usage and Adoption

U&A is not a process with a start middle and end. It is a reiterative cycle of events that serve to analyse, inform and adjust, so that your organisation gets the best out of any solution.


Working alongside the U&A cycle, we can train your staff to get the best out of your solution.

The outcome of this process is a solid understanding of what collaboration means for your organisation. Along with the pros and cons of the applications you will also understand what it takes to make deployments successful without bringing your network to its knees.

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COVID-19 forced most organisations to deploy some kind of solution for collaboration. In many cases, this was a tactical move simply to keep the business functioning in an unpredictable situation.





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