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In our last blog on the topic of cloud video, we discussed how solutions like VaaS-t are ideal for organisations wishing to scale their visual communications estate affordably and flexibly.

That said, deciding to grow video technology over time and delivering on that plan successfully are two different things. Organisations need strong guidance on their cloud video journey if they are deliver the business benefits that are expected.

Businesses need to analyse which solutions are still offering the workforce value and which should either be refreshed, upgraded or retired. Our strategic consulting services assist with this process. We work closely with all our clients to ensure they are receiving maximum ROI from their current technologies before moving forward with new deployments.

It’s as much about knowing how to utilise existing applications before driving collaboration with a tool such as VaaS-t.

Another crucial factor is the network. As we’ve said before, people are productive when the network supports their drive towards mobility. Leading cloud video services adapt in real-time to the network they reside on through quality-of-service performance management, however IT teams need visibility into video’s effect on other core services to ensure business-critical applications are unaffected.

Video has evolved. It’s ready to serve your business, but only when the rest of your collaboration estate is well prepared. Trial VaaS-t today and let us be your guide towards success.


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