Diversity is one of our five values selected by our employees and management.

SCC’s continued growth and accomplishments come from the fantastic people within the business. No matter what their role, all of our employees contribute towards the business’ success and enable it to thrive.

We celebrate this by respecting and valuing what makes people different, in terms of their age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, and national origin, any other dimension that can be used to differentiate groups and people. By always championing representation for all, our inclusive culture makes us #stronger together.

We are committed to providing equal opportunities and promoting diversity in all aspects of employment. All applicants are treated equally with decisions to employ candidates being made solely on their aptitude to perform the role. Furthermore, we recognise the importance of employing individuals based on their knowledge and skills and that different experiences and personalities can help build innovation and diversity.


SCC acknowledges every person’s contribution and promotes a culture that equally values everyone. As a family owned and managed business, we embrace diversity with pay principles that ensure gender is not a factor in how people at SCC are paid or rewarded.

We remain committed to attracting and retaining the very best talent irrespective of gender by encouraging more women to join and succeed with us. 50% of our French management are women.


Throughout our Group, we want to make our contribution to the inclusion of people with disabilities. Whatever the origin and nature of the disability; SCC adapts with support from management. Our Human Resources departments are committed to putting in place tools and appropriate support to allow everyone to succeed.

Continued employment and training of persons who have disabilities is available across all of our subsidiaries.

In France our Recycléa company is a member of the UNEA (National Union of Adapted Enterprises) in France, committed to professional inclusion of people with disabilities. The ESUS (Solidarity Company of Social Utility) status obtained by Recycléa demonstrates that the company seeks above all a significant social for people with disabilities.

Rohima Begum, Vendor Marketing Manager at SCC UK chatted to Channel Edge about race, gender and disability, using her own experiences of the ‘3 Degrees of Marginalisation’ to explain the commercial and personal impact of diversity in business.

Learning and Development

Due to SCC’s rapidly changing competitive environment, we must adapt to and anticipate
changes in businesses and technologies while promoting the professional development of our employees. This is why SCC invests in the continuing education of its employees.

We offer a variety of formal and informal training, available to all employees to develop our people and invest in their future career.

Some of these Learning and Development solutions include:

• Industry Accredited Courses and Qualifications
• Leadership and Management Development
• People Development Training
• Working with Partners
• Mentoring Scheme
• Job Shadowing
• Online Learning

SCC Academy Romania

Founded in 2014, SCC Academy is our Romanian training programme, dedicated to the continuous development of the skills of our 1,000+ employees. We are aware that our success is primarily due to the talented people in the SCC teams and that is why we invest a lot in technical, linguistic and leadership training programmes.

With dedicated training facilities both in Bacau and in Iasi SCC Academy has offered over 370 hours of technical training annually benefitting 1,700 participants. SCC employees can obtain globally recognised certifications, accredited by the Ministry of Education, as well as participating in team building and our annual leadership programmes.

In Spain, we have a Sales school and a Leadership school to increase the skills of our employees.

SCC Academy UK

It is difficult to see how people who don’t have the necessary opportunity, skills and understanding to engage with technology can compete with their peers in the workplace or indeed in life. Most young people acquire these skills either at home from family who are computer literate or through school, where IT is part of the curriculum.

There are however those young people who do not receive that type of support and where they don’t have access to a device at home together with an internet connection. This can be for a wealth of reasons, such as their family being less tech-savvy or simply unable to afford a device, or them having dropped out of education.

This clearly lessens their chances of meaningful employment and other benefits associated with computer literacy and ownership of a device. There is clearly a huge problem here which impacts the future lives of people in the categories described and particularly at this time where they are confined to home or constrained in other social or work activities.

SCC’s project is designed to introduce under-privileged 18-25yr olds to technology in an increasingly connected world. Participants will be given formal tuition and a grounding in technology in a series of short courses after which, subject to performance, they will be given a laptop and an internet connection. They will be equipped to enjoy the benefit of ownership of technology and importantly as a part of this will be able to engage in online learning.

Having left education and perhaps being unemployed, young adults will have the opportunity to learn IT skills to aid their employment prospects and in turn their future.


At SCC, we are proud to be represented by people from diverse backgrounds with varied skill sets, experiences and personalities. We are ever committed to increasing diversity and ensuring equal opportunities exist for all. We recognise that diversity brings a wealth of knowledge and skills that contribute to the company’s continued success.

James Rigby,

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