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In a recent blog, we addressed the value of visual technology for talent sourcing within the manufacturing sector. Staying with this industry, Polycom has published an interesting infographic discussing the differences between the concept of Mass Production and Mass Customisation.

It is no longer enough to simply create a low-cost standardised product; customers now expect higher quality and customisation from their manufactured goods. Manufacturing organisations need to alter their approach to production and operations to ensure they are effectively matching customer demands.

With visual technology supporting a corporate process of mass customisation, product development cycles have shortened, as have the lifecycle of products themselves. The management environment has also evolved from a traditional, function-orientated approach to one that is more project-based and proactive.

According to Polycom, a key concept that drives success is:

“Big data visibility, flexible processes, and an agile ecosystem that can move swiftly to serve an increasingly fragmenting, but exceptionally demanding consumer base.”

Technology developments have allowed companies to respond to customers wanting more customisation of the goods they purchase, for example, visual communication solutions and collaborative tools.

To learn more about Mass Customisation and what it means for manufacturers, download the infographic below.



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