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POLY-CX5100-3-smallThe workplace is transforming. Innovative new business tools created to drive staff collaboration are being utilised by companies looking for more efficient working environments. In a recent white paper, Polycom discussed some emerging trends affecting workplace collaboration.


Dispersed workforces are increasingly common in enterprises. Remote working is being enabled by improved connectivity and wireless access technologies. Having the capability to work from anywhere means employees need flexible applications that can boost their productivity. In 2012, IDC predicted that 1.3 billion people would be using mobile technology to work remotely by the end of 2015.

Despite 87% of enterprises having a formal mobility strategy, 7 in 10 are struggling to keep up with the growth in new mobile devices. Businesses need to plan for the super-mobile future and prepare employees with training in voice, video and content sharing tools. After all, there is little use in having staff that want to work remotely, but struggle to understand new solutions.

Rapid Globalisation

A globalised market requires effective collaboration tools to eliminate the issues associated with working across continents and time zones. Reliable connectivity and cloud audio and video solutions create a more personal working environment and assist the collaboration process.

These tools can also be used for more than meetings – businesses can remotely assist customers, resolve manufacturing issues in distant warehouses and conduct interviews for new candidates, reducing costs and inefficiency in the process.

Cloud Collaboration

Cloud solutions are shifting towards a more tailored, personalised approach. Video as a Service (VaaS) is likely to become a popular option for businesses looking for a solution that scales financially.

With more agile working environments on the rise, businesses need to seriously consider investing in collaborative tools that deliver sustainable business improvement, both from a productivity point of view but also commercially.

You can learn more about workplace collaboration trends here.

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