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As we’ve discussed before, the workplace is forever evolving. Traditional working environments are being replaced with flexible, innovative solutions that enhance how people do their jobs. Most executives know the efficiency and productivity advantages from investing in collaboration tools, but are these actually translating into daily use?

Cisco’s new research, Digital Culture Clash, gives an indication of the level of progress being made in UK organisations.

Almost 50% of those who were interviewed said they spent at least half a working day using some form of digital technology. People understood the reasons why their employers were implementing solutions (productivity benefits, reduced costs and automation were the top reasons) but a third struggled to see success from the deployment.

Why? Poor adoption. 57% said they would’ve liked more information on how to use the new technology and felt solutions weren’t explained to them enough. That figure is a stark reminder of how important it is to support employees through the entire digitisation process.

We are a strong believer in extensive training, usage adoption and user on-boarding. The more focus a business puts on explaining how technology works, the more likely people will use what’s in front of them. If you clearly demonstrate to staff how new technologies will help their everyday lives with use-case scenarios they actually understand, you should see a positive response to the technology from the outset.

After all, technology cannot use itself. You need your people to be willing to change how they work if you are to see a return on investment.

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