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CDMiniLogoKeen readers of leading channel publication Comms Dealer may have noticed a number of articles about avsnet recently.

Last month the magazine reported on the company’s move into new headquarters, and in January Managing Director Graham Fry sat down with the editor to discuss the company’s 2015 strategy in a full-page interview.

The latest inclusion was comment from Graham Fry for a special report analysing the role the UK’s IT channel has in generating growth for the country.

As Fry outlined in the feature:

“Communications and collaborative technologies have already demonstrated their ability to improve every aspect of business, so it is not surprising to see such large growth predictions facing the industry.

As organisations focus on driving business efficiency and identifying technology strategies that cut costs, they are investing heavily in the communications tools and IT services that enable these outcomes.”

This was in response to a newly released Barclays Fast Growth Techsurvey that found the average growth rate predicted by IT business leaders was 11%, with some expecting growth of 20%.

For those interested in reading the full feature, it can be found online, as well as on the front cover of the magazine’s March issue.

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