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“Why don’t we use FaceTime or Skype?” was deliberated during our roundtable. Security was one valid answer, but what do younger workers think when they join a typical business?

Those entering the workforce today have grown up with technology. Video, YouTube and personal broadcasting are familiar concepts. Consumer video services offer an excellent user experience. Select a contact, away you go.

The reality within many businesses is far different. One platform to share content with your team. Another to video call a colleague at home. A whole different system for someone sat upstairs. Different workflows for each service.

Outdated, Outperformed

There’s no right answer for collaboration and generational differences should be addressed sensitively.

Open the conversation with your workforce across every age range. What tools do each need to work efficiently? How do people want to communicate with each other? You might be surprised with their expectations versus your current collaboration estate.generation-quote-2

Remember, there is no right or wrong answer, however make sure your business is clearly taking steps towards productive working.

Delivering on this promise is our mission at avsnet. Don’t put your head in the sand – the workplace is changing and those behind the transformation may be in junior roles now, but they’ll soon be tomorrow’s managers and decision-makers.

Define a strategy to unleash their talent. Otherwise they could well decide to move to a competitor that has always made astute investments in collaborative working and solutions that underpin a successful modern business.

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