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One of avsnets most compelling customer case studies is a world leader in consumer and professional-grade satellite navigation and global positioning systems (GPS).

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The company in question operates across a number of diverse markets including aviation, marine, personal fitness, outdoor recreation, positional tracking and mobile applications.

Due to the company’s global operations, there were a number of unique challenges regarding its IT support processes.

The Challenge

Operating in a highly competitive, price-sensitive market meant any change to the company’s IT budget could yield widespread positive outcomes for the business as a whole.

As a result, the company regularly assesses its IT contracts to ensure it receives long-term business value from suppliers. Any potential cost efficiencies can be passed onto customers or reinvested in other areas of the business, so it was critical that the company maximises its IT investment.

Alongside general cost reductions, the company also understood the importance of maintaining a reliable corporate network and IT estate, as any impact on service delivery could negatively affect business efficiency and revenue. Therefore guaranteeing the availability of the company’s Cisco-based data and voice network is business critical. Other challenges included:

  • Cost management – significant service variation meant maintaining low support costs was increasingly challenging and commercially unsustainable.
  • Supplier fragmentation – globally, the company had numerous IT support suppliers with different billing structures, renewal dates, service level agreements and account managers.
  • Availability concerns – ensuring that migration to the new global supplier would not impact general IT service delivery.

A spokesperson from the company’s senior management team said, With such a complex IT environment, one of our major challenges was the sheer scale of maintaining, tracking and supporting such a range of equipment. This included managing a central repository of information of end-of-life dates, asset location, business usage, software and hardware release dates, current financial value, maintenance records and warranties.

Selection Process

Once the decision was made to consolidate its IT support processes and contracts, the company issued a request for proposal (RFP). This involved avsnet and the company’s close partnership with Cisco meant avsnet was able to design a support proposal that included the necessary supplier consolidation and an extremely competitive contract financially, one that was vastly more cost effective than its competitors.

The total value of the contract was approximately £1.34 million ($2 million), however the company made it clear that financial freedom and the associated commercial benefits were not the only motivators.

The company’s spokesperson continued, Admittedly, controlling operating expenditure was a factor in our decision, but equally important was to ensure we received full network service coverage. We wanted a highly responsive global support partner with a single point of contact that would give us better visibility of our network and devices, and proactively address any potential issues to prevent network disruption.

Following a thorough bid process, the company awarded the contract to avsnet because of the organisation’s flexible approach, its consultative services and the overall cost.

The Solution

Over 1,000 devices, including Cisco switches, routers and handsets, are now managed by avsnet across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. avsnet’s support framework includes:

  • Network assessment – an initial network discovery provided actionable intelligence on IT assets approaching retirement and ascertained where service coverage was needed the most.
  • Cost effective support – an experienced support team now acts as a highly responsive partner for all worldwide support queries.
  • Managed services expertise – regular preventative maintenance combined with remote monitoring ensures IT issues are rapidly resolved with minimal disruption to business operations.
  • Dedicated account management – avsnet’s direct access to Cisco resources and technical staff minimises network issues and ensures the company’s IT assets are kept up-to-date and optimised 24x7x365.

The company’s spokesperson continued, avsnets partnership with Cisco is now one of our most valuable assets. We have seen network issues decline, an increase in response times and direct financial benefits. Our IT team spends less time managing upgrades and support queries and is now focused on projects that grow the business. The single service level agreement is particularly valuable in understanding how to scale our IT alongside our business requirements.


The results have been impressive, both from a commercial and business perspective. Highlights include:

  • Approximately £270,000 a year ($400,000) in contract cost savings, and greater overall financial flexibility.
  • A more efficient IT department focused on strategic projects, not maintenance tasks.
  • Improved IT visibility and complete service coverage.
  • Simplified contract management and clearer budgetary processes.
  • Increased IT availability due to proactive network maintenance and avsnet’s managed services.
  • A single global point of contact that simplifies how support services are delivered and maintained.
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