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We are pleased to announce that Graham has been invited to become part of a new technical panel started by one of the leading publications for the video communications marketplace.

The panel consists of industry experts whose combined knowledge on telepresence and video conferencing will be made available to the benefit of the channel and its customers.

Graham is keen to start assisting with this new initiative and looks forward to making an influential contribution within the industry.

The Technical Panel will consist of experienced telepresence and video conferencing professionals and users, whose individual comments on specific elements and items of technology will be amalgamated into reviews that reflect actual experience of products in real world applications.

Launching the panel, Keith Warburton of TP&VC Insight News said, “This is an evolving technology with many new users, they need decent independent guidance on what to expect of the various items they might buy. We will pull together a knowledge base that will be freely available to all, to the benefit of the channel and its customers.”

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