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Graham-Fry-168x168avsnet’s Managing Director, Graham Fry, continues sharing his thought leadership with an article for Business Review Europe looking at the strategies behind technology adoption in business.

He begins by explaining that recent investment in visual collaboration technologies has introduced a host of new companies to the concept of end-user usage and adoption. As he rightfully states, “businesses can no longer rely on ‘hope’ as a strategy for delivering business success.”

Graham continues by outlining a three-step targeted process to achieve success, as well as discussing solutions for the obstacles organisations face when introducing new technology. He then addresses how to approach reluctant employees and the ways you can tailor the strategy for different working cultures, business applications and personalities to ensure the best possible success rate.

An effective strategy should include:

  • Driving change from the business centre
  • Being tough but fair
  • Gaining an understanding of specific working cultures
  • Rewarding and incentivising staff
  • Technology fitting the business’ process

To learn more about the topic of business adoption, the full article can be read here.

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