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Continuing our blog series celebrating the HR heroes out there, this time we’re focusing on the importance of onboarding and the role collaboration solutions play in the earliest stages of a new role.

You’ve chosen your candidate and they’ve accepted your offer so what’s next?

Onboarding shouldn’t start on their first day and it’s really important to nurture new starters in the time leading up to their start date.

They need to feel empowered and excited because the sooner someone feels part of the team, the faster they can hit the ground running. Polycom’s visual communications solutions are ideal for this and enable hiring managers and HR managers to really connect with new starters on a personal level.

Rev those engines!

Nobody likes being the new kid and starting a new job is intimidating however senior and experienced you are.

Think what resources will help your new starter get up to speed. What will give them a better understanding of the company?

Video resources, training materials and knowledge hubs provide a more personal and engaging introduction than an email full of PDFs.

Scheduling a video call shortly before their first day to discuss plans and give them an opportunity to ask any questions also demonstrates that HR and your company are approachable and considerate.

Nice to meet you!

Making sure new starters meet colleagues and managers as soon as possible is key to making them feel part of the team.

Meeting in person is always ideal but often this isn’t possible.

Setting up introductions via video meetings with key team members will accelerate the process and help the new starter build those important connections quicker. Add new starters to relevant collaboration groups to get them involved in conversations early and ensure they’re kept in the loop for all upcoming meetings and social gatherings!

We have lift off…

Once the first few weeks are out of the way and new starters have settled in, it’s time to have a quick catch-up to find out how things are progressing.

The contact and support they receive at this point of their development in the company will shape their attitude towards your company and their progress within it. Regular catch-ups with Polycom’s collaboration solutions enable you to act quickly and alleviate any concerns or help arrange further conversations with line managers who can direct them.

The best HR departments leverage a strong combination of face-to-face communication and the latest collaboration solutions to drive productivity and engage with the wider business.

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