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In Information Age’s December issue, Chloe Green discusses the increasingly complex world of mobile connectivity.

As businesses look to offer more flexible ways of working, IT departments are being tasked with designing secure, reliable networks that can support a remote workforce.

For organisations that have always relied on public Internet access methods, this migration to a converged, mobile-centric network can be challenging. As avsnet Managing Director Graham Fry explains in his interview for the article:

“Network complexity can be extremely harmful to business success, so the sooner businesses begin the journey towards simplification, the more likely they will deliver positive business outcomes. Wired, wireless, remote access – these disparate access methods need to be unified under a single policy and a unified management solution.”

The most complicated network choice is not necessarily the right one. Businesses should select a solution that meets their current needs while considering potential future growth and how business-critical applications deployed in the future could impact the overall network strategy.

Focusing on business agility and IT value is a wise approach to avoid these complications. For those interested in reading the full article, it is available here.


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