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When avsnet recently attended the TEAM Polycom 2016 event, partners discussed some of the trends facing the industry today and how they might affect workplaces and business practices.

One consistent message was how to ensure customers feel supported at every stage of their technology journey. Collaboration and visual communications solutions are evolving extremely quickly and it was good to take time to reflect on what is on the horizon.

Any space can become a collaborative space

One of the most significant changes affecting businesses is employee mobility. This includes how video solutions are evolving beyond traditional fixed locations. Businesses need to understand how to help staff move meetings away from fixed spaces.

Creating smaller, more agile ‘huddle’ rooms is one powerful approach. Working habits have changed to an anytime, anywhere culture. Unified communications has further accelerated this process. Therefore, through solution integrations, the IT department should ensure employees have the tools they need at all times, wherever they choose to hold a meeting.

Ultimately, whenever an idea strikes, any space should have the capability to quickly transform into a hub for collaboration.

Video and daily workflows

This shift to simpler, quicker communication methods will allow video to become an even more natural part of daily business routines.

Video is already becoming heavily incorporated into specific processes such as customer service and manufacturing. Users are intuitively using solutions without a second thought, because technology has caught up with end-user demand.

With the latest video developments, collaboration will be even easier across different departments and office sites. More flexible visual communications tools means businesses can start to customise the employee communication process even further.

Hybrid and cloud solutions

Finally, the cloud. IT departments will continue to move towards more flexible application delivery strategies through hybrid and cloud mechanisms. Technology has to be an enabler for both the end-user and IT department. The cloud ensures both parties benefit from easier-to-access solutions and more cost effective deployment strategies.

Innovations in network technology are also driving this change. Higher performance public, hybrid and private networks let businesses utilise and tailor cloud tools specifically to their business needs.

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