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Graham Fry

Graham Fry, Managing Director, avsnet

Every business has someone feverishly banging the drum for collaboration and these champions come in many shapes and sizes.

  • The customer service rep wanting to close the gap between their department and sales
  • The executive assistant who notices how the senior team is always working in silos
  • The project manager that doesn’t want to repeat past mistakes caused by miscommunication
  • The marketing intern that asks why video isn’t used in the workplace to talk to one another

Personal pain-points such as these drive positive change, and when people realise they can make their professional lives easier through the power of collaboration solutions – their ‘aha moment’ – they often get to work building a business case.

This is the most difficult part of the transformation process – gaining allies in the business and enough advocacy to proceed. Success only happens when others are recruited to the cause for better collaboration.

If you are one of these champions, you already know this and you also know that you need the following people to make your mission successful.

  1. Two or three equally passionate team members who can test your new collaboration solution, workflow or strategy
  2. An influential manager that has your back in case you’re questioned why you are trying to change the status quo
  3. An ally in IT to ensure your proof of concept gets that department’s blessing
  4. A senior executive who thinks long-term and wants the glory of being involved in a business initiative that drives productivity higher, reduces costs and raises the company’s competitiveness

When people like this assemble together, they can achieve remarkable things.

Starting small, they can quickly demonstrate to others in the business what’s possible with better collaboration and then define a pathway for replicating the same results across the organisation.

Some of the most successful projects we’ve worked on, those that have delivered outstanding ROI and exceptional business results, all followed a phased approach where micro-teams of champions marshalled behind a clear business objective and proved the concept before scaling across the organisation.

One question to leave you with – are you one of these champions or are you the roadblock to their success. I know which one I want to be…

If you want help championing your cause in your company, leave your details below to talk to us.

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