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1 - Strength to Strength

At avsnet, every decision we make has to meet certain criteria – does this development strengthen our existing services and how does it improve our customer experience? If we are unable to answer either of these questions, we start again.

We apply the same approach to our hiring process. We believe in never compromising on the quality and skills of each person we hire.

After all, our customers trust us with their critical business applications, technologies and processes. They expect an extremely high level of service, which means access to accredited engineers, technicians and project managers that are highly knowledgeable in their respective fields.

As such, we start the year with a number of hires spanning a broad range of disciplines.

When a customer chooses to commit to a new collaboration solution with us, it is because they want an immediate positive impact on their business. Our growing team provides us with even greater capacity to handle deployments of any scale, size or complexity.

Equally important is our sales process. Before a customer chooses avsnet, they need to have the confidence that we understand their specific business, their marketplace and their collaboration challenges.

As ever, we will continue to keep you informed about the latest technology advancements and innovations so you can meet the challenges of an evolving workplace head on.

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