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UX StockThe corporate landscape is changing.

There are still many businesses that have a “just get it done” attitude to their technology investments. The results are clear for those organisations: 70% of enterprise products deployed are deemed unsuccessful because of poor user adoption.

Organisations must change how they approach the user experience or they will continue to witness poor financial returns and discontented staff. The new generation of mobile-enabled millennials has little patience for archaic user experiences.

As a result, a new management role is emerging: the Head of User Experience (UX). Blending together traditional IT and facilities management to ensure technology projects deliver long-term business value, heads of user experience are rising in popularity because businesses are abandoning hierarchical corporate structures.

Organisations that have implemented the Head of User Experience position are already realising the business benefits. To learn more, visit Information Age where our Managing Director explains what benefits await and why the position has become more than just a management fad.

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