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Graham Fry, Managing Director, avsnet

OK… our esteemed Martin Finlayson is not planning on stepping into the ring with Floyd Mayweather anytime soon, because for us our latest ‘MMA title’ simply makes us a “Master of the Mixed Architecture”.

It’s always been our strategy to deliver mixed vendor solutions. Solutions that provide the best that technology can offer. Solutions that meet our clients’ exact business needs.

Today, through Martin, the company adds another impressive title win to the team’s list of accreditations, bolstering avsnet’s credentials as a champion of the mixed vendor estate.

Our Cisco Master Collaboration status is a hard-earned badge of honour, hence why we’re so excited to announce that Martin has now become a Cisco Spark Ambassador.

But who is Martin and what does this mean for you and your business?

Martin Finlayson is our resident visual communications authority who has already written extensively about workflows, Wi-Fi, cloud, network management and YouTube for business.

As Martin explained: We are perfectly placed to help customers wrap their existing video estate around new technologies and concepts such as Cisco Spark. The key is to deliver the maximum value from existing and new solutions by combining the best of both workflows, tailored to each customer’s unique requirements.”

Becoming a Cisco Spark Ambassador essentially, through Martin, gives us access to a select committee of solution providers, technical leaders and Cisco experts that are privy to the latest insights on Cisco Spark long before the rest of the market. As a result…

  1. You benefit from the fact we are the first to know about new developments that can give you a competitive advantage
  2. It creates opportunities for you to realise the measureable business outcomes possible with Cisco Spark
  3. And with our knowledge of the wider Cisco ecosystem it enhances your ability to leverage technology like never before

This extends into other Cisco solutions you may already have in your workplace or are considering for the future. For example, helping you integrate your existing video end-points into Spark or even replacing them with Cisco’s new Spark Board range for a more interactive collaboration experience.

For those starting out on their collaboration journey, Cisco Spark is designed for the way your people do business. It’s offered with the financial benefits of a simple subscription and can help increase productivity through faster and easier decision-making.

If this sounds appealing to you, our advice would be to choose a solution provider truly familiar with the Cisco ecosystem and one with an ambassadorship to prove it. You can reach one here.

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