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Bring Those Outside InFor many professionals, meetings have become tedious, repetitive affairs lacking business value. This is because workplaces have struggled to keep apace with changing employee behaviour.

Businesses have to operate faster than ever if they wish to remain competitive. Ideally, meetings should be inclusive, bringing together the necessary people, resources and corporate intelligence to make productive business decisions.

This freedom to collaborate whenever, wherever, is critical to building a workforce capable of delivering positive business outcomes and innovation. There are a number of visual communications services that can help your business to stay ahead of your competitors in ways you might be unaware of.

Collaboration should be easy across the business and great ideas can occur at any time. Instant communication is critical if your workforce is to capture ideas the moment creativity sparks. Mobile trolley solutions elevate your business away from inflexible, outdated communication methods and enable your workplace to adapt to your staff’s working preferences.

Low cost, high impact trolley technology allows you to transform any space into a decision-making hub. Resources can be displayed without interrupting the meeting flow and you can gauge people’s reaction to content immediately. Trolley systems are also ideal for enhancing any meeting space, huddle room or office location cost effectively.

Sometimes employees require a more formal setting to generate fresh ideas. When key customers and partners are visiting, you should have an appropriate space to create the correct impression. Multi-screen visual communication rooms let teams bring together global expertise, important resources and impressive integrated technology to build long-lasting business relationships.

The business applications are endless and extend far beyond corporate meetings, especially if video content management capabilities are deployed. HR can streamline their departmental processes, employee on-boarding becomes more efficient, Marketing has an effective platform to aid innovation  and business development executives can make the best impression when meeting prospects.

And when the meeting room is already in use? Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) technology offers a collaborative space without any of the hassle associated with “having a video call”. With a meeting space that supports every connection type from anywhere in the world, the focus is less on setup and equipment and more on productive business decisions.

No investment in infrastructure is required and it is truly effortless for the end-user. They can connect via their desktop, tablet, phone or any internet browser. For the business, fully automated usage metrics help assess and demonstrate return on investment (ROI) and flexible billing structures ease the burden on the business’s bottom line.

Huddling around a dusty table working on paper is no longer the norm. Businesses now have access to a range of cost effective visual communications tools that help them stay competitive in a rapidly accelerating marketplace. For more information on the room solutions we provide, please download our new brochure.

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