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Last year’s sudden shift to remote has required most organisations to deploy collaboration solutions, to help staff stay connected and engaged. However in many cases, quick-fix tools were implemented as a tactical move, simply to keep the business functioning in an unpredictable situation.

Today those same organisations now need to stop and reconsider how their decisions can be incorporated into a wider collaboration strategy. The latest generation of workflow tools like Microsoft Teams offer capabilities that far surpass those of traditional unified communication platforms and are far better suited to the demands of an ever-evolving hybrid workforce. A hub for teamwork, Teams brings together meetings, chat, calling, Office 365 apps, and third-party tools in one place with enterprise-grade security. Users get a unique end-to-end meeting experience that humanises face-to-face interaction, with a solution that meets the critical requirements for today’s modern business needs.

Solving the integration conundrum

Technologies that were once siloed such as telephony, video-conferencing, and persistent messaging, can now be incorporated into single platforms like Microsoft Teams which offers significant opportunities for 3rd party integration.

Entire business workflows can be mapped and wrapped around these new platforms, to improve business processes and efficiencies. This offers an enormous benefit to an organisation, but only if implemented correctly. At the same time, existing communication technologies such as video conferencing and telephony now have to integrate with these platforms.


At SCC AVS , our approach to Microsoft Teams integration is driven by your business requirements.

Typically this may include:

  • Using Teams as your collaboration platform of choice
  • Integration into any existing telephony or collaboration hardware
  • Teams as your preferred user workflow
  • 3rd-party platform support
  • Existing license agreements and service contract commitments

By partnering with all major Teams integration partners, we’re able to take an agnostic route in designing and deploying an integrated solution. We take into account the above factors, and offer a holistic and cohesive approach to creating a Teams strategy that’s right for your organisation. From personal headsets and webcams through to the largest collaboration and meeting spaces, we focus on the complete collaboration requirement. We also assess and advise on Teams specific network design and performance, security, and personal device deployment and management.

Navigating the complexities of hybrid work

With some employees returning to the workplace, others remain at home, forcing 66% of business decision makers to consider redesigning physical spaces to better accommodate hybrid work environments . Organisations must now not only consider integration capabilities, but rethink how they use office space and ask what the office provides to support the new hybrid workplace. For example:

  • How do you equip your meeting spaces to drive employee connectivity?
  • Is every room equipped for collaboration in a cost-effective way?
  • How do you provide and manage headsets, webcams, and other personal devices?
  • How do you successfully drive adoption across a disparate workforce?
  • What security layers have you added to ensure conversations and data are secure?
  • How do you keep users updated on the latest platform capabilities?
  • How is your network optimised to support new real-time service demands?
  • What does hybrid working mean for your call centre?
  • How do you reach out to remote staff in a reliable and engaging way?



Release productivity potential, with Room as a Service by SCC AVS

At SCC AVS we provide consultancy services that pack a wealth of experience in helping customers navigate this new reality. We turn challenges into opportunities. And we can support and fully deliver your digital transformation and unified communication goals – wherever you are on your journey.

With the advent of Microsoft Teams, video conferencing has been transformed into a productivity tool that is fast becoming the cornerstone of modern workplace collaboration. But to optimise collaboration, a simplified space is needed using room standardisation to ensure a consistent style across your spaces. SCC AVS can assist with designing and deploying a range of standard room types, from small huddle spaces to mid and large sized meeting rooms, ensuring consistency and a simplified collaboration experience. Partnering with SCC AVS enables you to:

Deploy a convenient, predictable, cost efficient, and scalable solution across your business, with RaaS subscription that provides affordable pricing per room per month.

Free up Capex budget and reduce support costs with a single partner providing hardware, software, and services.

Strengthen collaboration across your business by transforming any room into a collaboration suite with the help of our scalable RaaS solutions.

Save time, effort, and resource trying to make room equipment work with a user-friendly and intuitive design.

Benefit from new collaboration developments with technology refreshes built into the service.

Configure your meeting space and supply to meet your requirements, with our team of consultants and highly qualified engineers who install, configure, test and train.

Relax with peace of mind that our standard support services are available during business hours, with next business day hardware replacements (options for extended hours and 24/7 support available).

Microsoft funded Teams Meetings and Meeting Rooms Workshop

The newly redesigned Microsoft Teams Meetings and Meeting Rooms Workshop includes a new modular design that enables SCC AVS to have targeted conversations, tailored to your specific business needs.

With the refreshed delivery framework, new product content, and immersive experiences, SCC AVS can deliver a concise engagement in person or virtually.

SCC AVS can help to define your business priorities that drive hybrid work through “art of the possible” experiences, use-case design, and deep-dive planning that results in actionable recommendations to deploy and adopt Microsoft Teams Meetings and Meeting Rooms. Workshop deliverables include:

  • MS WorkshopAn evaluation of your current meetings and meeting rooms capabilities
  • The “Art of the Possible” for Teams Meetings and Meeting Rooms – a combination of presentations and immersive experiences that will educate and excite you around all Microsoft Teams Meetings capabilities and uncover business use cases and priorities
  • Direction about how to transform meetings and meetings rooms across your entire organization
  • A customized report with actionable recommendations to ensure your organization can stay connected, collaborate seamlessly, and simplify work, in a secure and compliant way
  • Optional Virtual Visit workshop module for healthcare organizations and institutions to help you understand how to enable virtual visits with Microsoft Teams using the Bookings app and Teams Meetings

Microsoft Meeting Rooms Brochure


Exploring the COVID-19 impact on the modern workplace

Download our Workplace Productivity brochure outlining the impact the COVID-19 pandemic and including results from our Workplace Productivity IT Insights survey in which we surveyed 550 IT decision-makers from 11 different sectors, both public and private, about the impact of COVID-19 on the modern workplace.



Talk to us today

Speak to a Microsoft Teams Rooms expert today and see if you are eligible to attend a free Microsoft Meeting Rooms workshop. Included in the workshop:

  • An evaluation of your current meetings and meeting rooms capabilitie
  • The “Art of the Possible” for Teams Meetings and Meeting Rooms
  • A customised report with recommendations to ensure your organisation can stay connected, collaborate seamlessly, and simplify work, in a secure and compliant way
  • Optional Virtual Visit workshop module for healthcare organisations and institutions

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