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Chuck RobbinsCisco’s announcement that John Chambers has relinquished his chief executive position to Chuck Robbins coincides with one of the main discussion points of our HR VCM article – how can companies enable their CEOs to communicate with the entire organisation simultaneously.

Any high profile executive’s time is extremely valuable, but their role is equally critical to ensuring employees understand and buy into the company’s culture and mission. Corporate changeover scenarios can, if handled ineffectively, cause disruption and reduce staff morale, the opposite effect that a CEO wants to have when joining the organisation.

Often these negative effects are maximised by general time constraints and geographical barriers, especially within large global organisations spanning multiple continents and operations.

Sometimes all employees really need is to see and hear from the company’s leader directly. A video-enabled organisation already has the capability to achieve this cost effectively.

Staff concerns can be eased instantly with video as it is a powerful medium to convey the CEO’s passion and newfound dedication to the company. A live broadcast can take place the day a CEO joins, while video content management capabilities ensure any staff members that miss the address can access the recorded speech at a time convenient to them.

The business value extends further when ongoing CEO communications are considered. Regular company updates distributed via video hold more meaning than faceless emails. Their use can help drive general technology adoption – if the CEO is seen to be embracing video, employees are more inclined to follow their example.

It creates an air of personal accessibility that would otherwise remain unattainable. New starters can recall past video resources to understand the company and align themselves with the direction the organisation is heading in.

There is no longer any need to fly an executive across the world to meet and greet anymore; they can start guiding the company towards future success instantly. That is the true power of visual communications technology and one of many applications where video content management can help bring your workforce closer together.

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