SCC and Samsung: Working wonders together

SCC partners with Samsung because we know that market-leading businesses need market-leading technology

That’s why SCC forges partnerships with some of the biggest and best-known companies in the world, so we can provide our customers with everything they need to grow and thrive in a changing business world. We’re proud to be part of the Samsung ecosystem, delivering a wide range of technologies for every type of business.

Turning change into an opportunity

The pandemic has catalysed years of change and transformation in business in just a matter of months. In particular, mobile technology that was already useful increased in importance, becoming an indispensable part of keeping organisations operational.

From now on, businesses who don’t have access to reliable, high-performance technologies – and the services that support them – will find themselves being left behind. It’s ensuring that our customers not only keep pace, but have the ability to outpace their competition, that drives the SCC partnership with Samsung.

A comprehensive approach to business needs

Samsung’s ecosystem is wide-reaching and is constantly being developed and improved. It includes hardware such as the mobile phones and tablets your employees use every day, and helpful support and service solutions that keep businesses like yours running smoothly.

Additionally, SCC is able to connect our customers to Samsung partnerships, apps and tooling, so that you’re always fully equipped for whatever challenges the future holds.



SCC are a leading B2B supplier for Samsung’s mobility and computing portfolio. They have the ability to provide total solution and support services for their customers to further enhance our hardware and create a solution that meets the needs of any organisation.

Paul Lowman,
Head of B2B Indirect Sales at Samsung Electronics UK