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Polycom BBCThis morning BBC Breakfast spotlighted avsnet partner Polycom’s visual communications technology and demonstrated the ways it is helping to improve patient care and health services across the UK.

Healthcare is currently undergoing a revolution as visual communications tools like Polycom’s narrow the gap between health professionals and home-based patients.

During the show, dialysis patient John Slater revealed how powerful the results could be. Tracy Berry, Home Therapy Manager from Royal Preston Hospital, is using Polycom visual communications technology to deliver the same level of care to John from the comfort of his home.

Telemedicine ensures excellent, intimate support for those facing a sustained recovery timeframe or battling with a long-term non-critical illness, and without any of the stress, pain or time requirements associated with regular hospital visits.

This news was followed by the announcement that NHS Lancashire and Cumbria is improving patient care and in the process, identifying millions of efficiency savings from its operational budget. This is one of the many positive outcomes of avsnet and Polycom’s Video-as-a-Service telemedicine solutions that are transforming healthcare for the better.

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