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Steve Holmes, Services Director, avsnet

The news that Plantronics, a leader in the communications industry, was acquiring Polycom originally broke in March and the two companies recently announced the acquisition as officially complete.

It’s a really exciting time for Polycom and as a long-term Platinum partner we’re looking forward to playing an active role in helping the company deliver on its vision.

Much has changed since we first partnered with Polycom. The world of work has evolved rapidly with new technologies and workflows driving the change. Working flexibly seems second nature to many of us now but it’s only thanks to improvements in networking and collaboration technology that remote working is a productive reality.

Irrespective of this news, we’re committed to offering customers the very best solutions to improve the efficiency of their businesses. Our team of expert engineers, support services and innovative developments such as AMC Enterprise continue to ensure projects are seamless and business benefits are delivered immediately.

Collaboration has always been important in the world of work but it’s now vital in helping businesses to thrive, grow and stay ahead of their competition.

Plantronics and Polycom plan to bring the tools people need for a focused and distraction-free work environment and the solutions that allow people to maximise their own performance and strengthen their relationships.

As a Polycom Platinum partner with a wealth of accreditations and awards behind us we’re looking forward to driving our customers forward in their collaboration journeys.

For us, it’s business as usual but let me know if you have any comments or concerns.

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