Bregal Capital Case Study

Discover How Bregal Capital Grew Revenues and Profits With Exciting New Collaboration Solution From SCC AVS

Time is money, so when Bregal Capital, a €3 billion fund management company, shortened decision-making times with SCC AVS visual communications, it created a measurable improvement in business performance…

“We’re extremely happy with SCC AVS. Flexible. Always focused on what’s best for us as a business. A team we can trust. I’d recommend them to anyone.” Victor Davies, IT Manager – Bregal Capital

What Was Achieved?

  • Visual and audio communications solutions bring Bregal’s teams and stakeholders together for improved decision-making
  • Simpler day-to-day technology management through SCC AVS’s professional services
  • avs: aftercare eases the operational burden of equipment lifecycle management
  • A proactive maintenance team safeguards Bregal’s technology investment with helpdesk and on-site support
  • Planned projects to drive collaboration across the business further, including Skype for Business integration and new virtual meeting rooms

How SCC AVS Stood Out

  1. An agnostic consultative approach delivers the ideal solution for Bregal’s workflows and business objectives
  2. Extensive knowledge of visual communications
  3. Deployed in multiple phases to minimise disruption
  4. A Polycom Platinum partner with multiple implementation specialisations