Simple Communications Solution Brings 400+ Dental Practices Together to Improve Business Performance

Bupa Dental Care Raises Productivity Higher With SCC AVS’s Solution

When you can reduce costs, increase the productivity of your staff and improve decision-making across your business all at the same time… the business impact can be staggering.

That’s exactly what Bupa Dental Care was able to achieve through the implementation of a new business communications system.

With more than 400 dental practices in the UK, Bupa Dental Care uses a range of collaboration solutions to communicate company policies and strategic decisions to its workforce. But… it wanted something that could raise productivity even higher.

Simon Creegan-Davies, Head of IT Operations at Bupa Dental Care was responsible for enhancing one of these meeting spaces with new collaboration technology: “Our objectives were very clear – ensure minimal disruption for the business when implementing an easy-to-use solution that would raise workplace productivity even higher.”




Bupa Dental Care’s project KPIs and a short installation period were challenging, however SCC AVS is highly experienced in working under similar conditions.

As a result, SCC AVS, a Polycom Platinum Partner, presented a comprehensive implementation plan to project stakeholders to demonstrate how everything would be managed. Happy with SCC AVS’s approach and how it clearly defined the problem and solution, the project was commissioned and delivered in just two days,well ahead of schedule.

Simon Creegan-Davies continued: “Project management was excellent. We received great communication, someone was always available on the phone, and we really felt looked after throughout the entire process.”



Bupa Dental Care’s new solution enables highly productive meetings at any scale. This is a crucial capability for the company as it regularly holds “town-hall” meetings that bring large sections of the business together.

Another key benefit is ease-of-use due to an iPad control system. The simple, intuitive interface means users of any technical experience can manage meetings effortlessly.

Simon Creegan-Davies said: “SCC AVS was invaluable. Its technical understanding is excellent and the team’s knowledge of the market is impressive. They knew exactly what would be best for our requirements. They even identified an issue with a projector from an old supplier and fixed that as well.”

Due to how SCC AVS designed the solution and the flexibility of Polycom’s technology, additional functionality was added when required – for example SCC AVS first deployed audio conferencing, then added visual communications once Bupa Dental Care was ready. This reduced costs and enabled Bupa Dental Care to gradually grow its collaboration estate in line with business growth.




Bupa Dental Care has experienced substantial benefits since implementing its new solution. These include:

  • Faster decision-making thanks to enterprise-quality video and audio conferencing
  • More productive staff that can collaborate at any time
  • A scalable solution that can be easily replicated across the business
  • Reduced costs through a phased deployment
  • Greater helpdesk efficiency because of ease of use and user experience

Simon Creegan-Davies concluded: “We’re very happy. People from across the business regularly say how easy everything is to use. This has also had a positive effect on our IT help desk – we receive significantly fewer troubleshooting calls since we moved to SCC AVS’s solution.”

The company’s investment is protected through SCC AVS’s renowned support and maintenance services. This means Bupa Dental Care’s infrastructure team can focus on other projects instead of maintaining its collaboration technology.