CLCH’s Out-of-hospital Care Improved with SCC AVS Collaborative Control Room

How does Central London Community Healthcare (CLCH) NHS Trust provide community healthcare services to over one million people in London?

CLCH has around 3,000 staff dedicated to providing a leading level of out-of-hospital care to patients. With a highly dispersed workforce working in a challenging urban environment, CLCH needed a suitable IT system to streamline its central operations.

The Challenge

With the London 2012 Olympics approaching, CLCH realised it was the perfect time to overhaul its remote staff coordination processes and communication systems.

A large-scale public event like the Olympics threatened to put London’s transport infrastructure under significant strain, so putting a system in place to cope with the disruption became the catalyst for the Trust’s decision to choose SCC AVS.

With over 3,000 staff to coordinate effectively, it was imperative the operations team had access to live information about its people, their work environment and their movement. This meant:

  • Collaborative solution design so staff within such a wide area of London could be coordinated efficiently
  • The meeting of strict NHS budget requirements without any compromise on functionality
  • Minimising the disruptive effect of the London Olympic Games
  • A system that could be used post-event to ensure long-term return on investment
  • Ability to share information between internal and external teams at all times
  • Guaranteeing effective communication between all members of operations staff and those on the ground

Due to the vulnerability of many of its patients, it was critical for CLCH that SCC AVS be able to stick to strict scheduling. Any delay to routine appointments would have a knock on effect for those individuals that rely on CLCH’s services.

The Solution

SCC AVS led the design, technical specification and installation of the new incident control room to meet the Trust’s coordination and communication challenges.

“On top of the excellent service we received, the quality of the installation and the solutions were brilliant. We now have a solution of the highest quality and one that allows us to effectively support our staff at all times.” Adam Bland, Deputy Head of Resilience, CLCH

SCC AVS’s process included:

  • Initial assessment and suggestion of visual collaboration tools that could also cope with the scale of CLCH’s operations
  • Delivery of a collaborative control room, digital signage and unified communications technology for time-efficient communication and management
  • Bespoke design of a converged overview system for even quicker decision making
  • Integration with partner systems and other urgent emergency care services
  • Extensive user training so staff were comfortable with the technology
  • Non-disruptive implementation schedule to meet tight deadlines
  • Ability for SCC AVS to manage remotely so staff could stay focused on delivering excellent care services rather than technical support

Bland continued, “We were extremely impressed with SCC AVS’s knowledge, technical skill, delivery methods and their overall flexibility. We have nothing but appreciation for SCC AVS, especially in the way the installation team worked around our own staff.”


CLCH has a streamlined operations department, more effective management of its healthcare services and greater efficiency when communicating with staff and partners.

The team now has access to live maps, traffic information, shared content from across the organisation and an intuitive system catering to all end-user technical levels. This has helped internal productivity and improved care services on the ground.

The entire IT estate is managed and protected by SCC AVS’s managed services expertise. This meant that during the Olympics and at any other periods of potential strain, SCC AVS is ready to alleviate pressure on CLCH’s IT team, fix issues that might arise and keep services running smoothly.

Bland concluded, “From start to finish, we have been kept informed on the progress and SCC AVS has been incredibly flexible when working alongside us. We would recommend SCC AVS to other healthcare providers and will definitely be working with them again.