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Collaboration, growth and endless opportunities. That’s the answer to “what’s next?” when SCC AVS was interviewed by the media recently.

Managing Director Graham Fry outlined in a recent Q&A with AV Magazine how the company is driving its next phase of growth since its acquisition by SCC late last year. When asked how the company’s service offering will scale, he shared:

Graham Fry avsnet“The very largest companies were always out of reach from a practical perspective but uniting with SCC tears this barrier down. Another benefit is financial – we can be even more creative with how we support customers commercially. Just like in everyday life, companies want a simple, clear and consistent cost that doesn’t throw up surprises. Our stronger relationship with Rigby Capital sets us apart from other industry players by delivering this outcome.”

Shortly after that interview, Graham spoke with Installation and explained how SCC AVS has bolstered its service capabilities further to deliver even more innovative, tailored solutions.

If you’re a subscriber of AV Magazine, the interview is available here however if you want an example of how we’re helping companies our case study shares in detail how NWG’s widely distributed workforce of 3,200 people stays in sync with each other.

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