The ever evolving workplace.

From the sudden cultural shift through to concerns about having the right tools, the majority of office-based organisations have surprised themselves with just how effectively they can work, even during a global crisis.

As we move towards a partial return to work, initial concerns may have passed, and we are finding companies are taking a proactive approach to solving and identifying challenges. They are looking at strategies to support a hybrid business model that protects their staff whilst allowing them to operate as near normal as possible.

Your challenges

Keeping 2m from others

The need to socially distance at work is going to be with us for the foreseeable future. And employees will be seeking reassurances about the measures their employer is taking to mitigate risk and meet government criteria.

Staggering arrival and departure times

As business leaders put their plans together for a safe return to office life, at the forefront of their minds will be devising strategies that mean they can comply with the government guidance on managing the flow of people in and out of the building.

Minimising touch based devices

Touch technology has been a massive growth area in recent years, bringing an ease of use that delivers a great user experience. Suddenly using a touch screen is the last thing we want to do, and the government advice is to minimise contact with touch screens.

Managing occupancy levels to enable social distancing

For a safe working environment it is essential to control total occupancy levels to a point where social distancing can be maintained. The guidance clearly states that if necessary, restrictions should be maintained within the office.

Avoiding hot desks unless they can be cleaned between use

A central element of the agile environment is hot desking, linked to a drive towards activity based working. Many organisations have adopted the practice, realising that they could operate more effectively with less real estate. Now government guidance clearly states that hot desking should be avoided unless.

Controlling visitors

Each organisation has a duty to protect visitors to their buildings. So thought must also be given to the guidance about controlling the number of visitors in the building and how the reception of them can be safely handled.

Work at home if possible

We think an element of home working is here to stay. Surveys have revealed that most of the UK workforce would like the opportunity to work, at least in part, from home. And the government advice concerning return to work is quite categorical – working from home should be supported if at all possible and steps must be taken to engage such employees.

Our solutions to enable a safe return to work

Keeping 2m from others

Space management system: Designate desks as bookable, closed, or awaiting cleaning.

HDL audio conferencing range: HDL ensures that everyone in meetings, whether present or not, has reliable audio.

Staggering arrival and departure times

Space management system: Flexible choice of desk booking start times allows organisations to encourage the staggered arrival of employees.

Minimising touch based devices

Space management system: SCC AVS’s visitor management functionality means your visitors can pre-register in advance, eliminating the traditional sign in process.

Room booking system: Our room booking system always displays the most relevant information without staff having to touch the screen.

HDL audio conferencing range: By having a wall-mounted microphone system that offers full room audio pick-up, the need to touch devices is kept to a minimum.

Managing occupancy levels to enable social distancing

Space management system: SCC AVS’s analytics let facilities or premises managers monitor both live and historical data on desk and room use.

Meeting room scheduler: Our meeting room scheduler gives you full insight into meeting patterns to really optimise resources.

Avoiding hot desks unless they can be cleaned between use

Space management system: Through this system each desk can be assigned a status – bookable, closed, or awaiting cleaning.

Controlling visitors

Space management system: With SCC AVS’s visitor management, you can ask your staff members to preregister their visitors.

Work at home if possible

Intelligent video solutions: Our solution is designed to make remote face-to-face discussions efficient.

HDL audio conferencing range: The HDL range provides reliable audio that allows all participants to be heard clearly, whether in the room or joining from home.

Rome scheduling system: SCC AVS’s room scheduling system also offers extensive multi-site management options with permission control.

Use the interactive tool below to discover what the future of the workplace could look like for your organisation.

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