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Graham Fry, Managing Director, avsnet

IT Europa recently interviewed us for an executive report on the state of connectivity and collaboration in the industry.

We were asked:

  1. Why is the network so important nowadays?
  2. Do collaboration and connectivity operate in isolation?
  3. How does avsnet provide connectivity solutions to customers?

I can answer these questions with a single answer:

“For collaboration to be great, network connectivity has to be great. Every application, service, solution and collaboration experience we provide has an impact on connectivity. The network is a critical component to success.”

We have explained what elements make up a great network servicereliability, flexibility and security. For people to collaborate successfully, they need access to tools that enable them to deliver great work.

These network requirements haven’t changed, but while senior managers know collaboration is crucial and the IT department understands the importance of rock-solid connectivity, many workplaces are transforming faster than IT can keep up.

Video is being adopted across every sector as employees become comfortable with appearing on camera to colleagues. Big Data is another heavy user of bandwidth. Finally, the cloud, which requires a near-total rethink of how connectivity services are delivered.

People think adding more bandwidth is the solution. It’s not, Quality of Service (QoS) is. In an industry where connectivity itself has become commoditised, customers want more than just raw data transfer. They want an excellent managed service throughout their entire collaboration journey.

It’s why our approach is about working tirelessly so each customer has the network their business and workforce needs to raise their competitive advantage. Furthermore, lots of customers are migrating to new network standards to ensure they are ‘digital ready’.

That’s where we come in. Over the last twelve years, we’ve seen radical changes in how businesses connect their people, sites and applications together. Technologies have come and gone. Amidst all this change, we’ve learned one crucial lesson – no-one wants the headache of managing their network carrier, especially when technical issues arise and threaten staff productivity.

Companies want a managed service that enables better collaboration, evolves alongside the business’s objectives and scales sustainably in cost. You can discover more about such a service by visiting here.

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