The CCTV industry is redefining itself.

CCTV cameras have traditionally been a strong visual deterrent to criminals as part of business security systems, but can be augmented with a range of sophisticated artificial intelligence software that can provide additional features suitable for specific applications or needs.

SCC provides solutions such as heat mapping technology for retailers, hard hat detection systems for construction and industrial sites and face mask detection for use in a range of different locations such as retail or public sector spaces. External applications can provide sophisticated identification and tracking of individuals or vehicles across sites, with alert mechanisms for VIPs or unwelcome visitors.

Enabling Your Organisation

From managing a car park facility, to providing streamlined service and building repeat business, today’s technologies can provide a competitive edge. Intelligent video analytics can provide invaluable insight such as:


Perimeter security, identifying individuals as soon as they breach your site


Retail planning with accurate footfall analytics


Traffic monitoring to tell you what vehicles are entering your site and when


Facial recognition for evidential and other purposes


The identification of left or unknown objects in sensitive zones

People counting

Understanding how many people are in an area at any time, how they move, where they congregate, and periods of peak occupancy provides valuable insight. You can use that insight to plan accordingly, take immediate action, and improve service, operational efficiency and profitability.

Vehicle Access

Do you simply want to ensure that only known vehicles enter your sites? Or do you need more options and tighter control? Either way, there’s a vehicle access solution from Axis that’s right you. They’re cost-effective solutions for protecting people and property without manned guard stations and frequent guard tours.

Instead, access is automated and security events trigger alarms and notifications. You can visually verify and assess the events, and deal with them accordingly. Our solutions are easy to install, manage, modify, and expand.

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