Hybrid working needs to enable work from any location by providing a set of connected, flexible operating environments and services that fit the changing needs of both organisations, and employees.

The world of work is fundamentally changing.
Employees are demanding more flexibility in how, where and when they work. Organisational models that were built for the previous century are transformed by technology every day. Most workers now want a mixture of office and home working.

Business owners need to rethink existing workplace priorities and processes must be redesigned so that organisations are not tied to any specific location.

In the future, we see that offices will be used as workplace eco systems, where business meetings or team building sessions are held, or employees go to socialise, rather than being the default location to complete tasks.

SCC Collaboration provide a set of connected, flexible operating environment smart hybrid working services that fit the changing needs of organisations.

Enabling Your Organisation

Improve your processes

Improve efficiency, productivity, & create resilient operational models.

Management and culture

Enhance flexibility, encourage work life balance, improve employee satisfaction and normalise the bridging of physical and digital spaces.

Physical workplace

Improve the physical workplace with remote room and desk booking.

External engagement

Forming matrix teams with customers, partners, and suppliers.

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