Intelligent Workplace

Workplace Wayfinding

Elevate your office with digital wayfinding solutions to guide visitors and staff.

We can help enhance your smart office with wayfinding solutions, from static mapping and directional signage through to interactive solutions with dynamic mapping for multiple floors and buildings. These solutions assist visitors and staff search across available locations to highlight their chosen location on the map and can be integrated to display available resources such as meeting rooms and hot desks.

Enabling your organisation

Key Features

We can develop stylised mapping to reflect your branding and to show live resource availability. The enhanced features include shortest route visualisation and step by step routing. Solutions are delivered on a dedicated touch screen or free-standing kiosk which can also display digital signage when not in interactive use.

Directional signage

Directional signs reduce the cost of physical signage and can be updated to address specific events. They form an important part of any wayfinding experience beyond the overall site map. A combination of mapping and directional signage together provides a cohesive experience for visitors and staff

Management & analytics

Messaging and advertising can be centrally managed, as can connected live resources for room and desk availability solutions. Plus, with analytics you can monitor and track popular searches to assess user engagement, enabling you to use your workplace in the most efficient way possible.

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