RingCentral offers a product set that delivers solutions for every business case to suit the functionality and efficiency you require for your specific contact centre needs.

SCC chooses to partner with RingCentral as a leading global provider of the highest quality, cloud-based collaboration solutions. The increased flexibility & cost effectiveness delivered by the RingCentral Contact Centre platform improves the agent experience leading to a much stronger customer experience.

Fully managed, evergreen, cloud architecture

A multi-tenant call centre suite that provides a simplified, intuitive UI for smoother operations, from prospecting and closing deals to enhancing the customer experience journey, built on compliance-supporting technology with scalability and 99.999% reliability built in.

Agent Management Software

Work more efficiently with a greater flexibility thanks to user-friendly agent and management interfaces. Cloud based agent connectivity means agents can work from anywhere with an internet connection reducing the need for large contact centre locations and increasing agent flexibility.

Deploy at scale for large enterprises

Due to its cloud SaaS architecture, RingCentral contact centre can be easily deployed at scale to suit any business. Multiple data centres throughout the world ensure that whatever the size of an organisation today, or their future plans for growth, RingCentral can scale up or down to suit the business needs. RingCentral have a 2x global capacity, meaning at any one time one, 50% of resources are available for expansion.

Enabling Your Organisation

SCC & RingCentral deliver everything a business needs from a contact centre to ensure your agents can work from a single user interface and your customers will be able to receive the best resolution on first contact.

Inbound Contact Centre

Route every inbound call to the right agent at the right time, whilst automatically sending customer information to the agents desktop so they are able to resolve issues quickly.

Outbound Contact Centre

RingCentral Engage Voice helps turn any agent into an outbound/blended worker. Maximise your agent productivity, reduce agent downtime and connect with more customers through scripting and CRM integrations across fewer applications.


RingCentral Engage Digital allows your customers to communicate with you on the channel of their choice. Through voice, social channels, live chat, email and SMS, your agents will be able to transfer between customer channels seamlessly, providing an excellent customer experience.

Collaborative Contact Centre

With RingCentral Pulse, you can configure intelligent bots to monitor what is most important for your contact centre without the need to build an integration. Empower agents, instantly connect customers and experts and solve service issues quickly and efficiently

The Features

Fully Managed, Evergreen Solution

As a cloud based, fully resilient and managed service, the RingCentral contact centre solution removes the reliance on customer infrastructure and applications. Ensuring the solution is always up to date with all upgrades and patches applied in the background with no impact on service, thus reducing both the customer skills dependency and the cost of upgrading infrastructure and application on a regular basis.

CRM Software Integrations

Optimise workflows by leveraging everyday apps and customising your own with open API’s. RingCentral natively integrates with many out-of–the-box CRM solutions including; Microsoft Dynamics 365, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Oracle and NetSuite.

Actionable Analytics & Reporting

Improve contact centre service and sales with real-time reports and in-depth customer surveys. Real-time information gives ownership of the overall performance to every member of the team.

The rich dashboard setup enables agents to monitor their own KPIs such as average handle time, conversation rates, first-call closes, occupancy and other key metrics. The ability to easily track and measure agent performance through a closed, consistent feedback loop supports effective personal development across your contact centre.

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