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The office is no longer fixed and neither is the average workforce. With staff working from home, en route to meetings and in offices across continents and timezones, the solutions that aid communication need to be as agile as users.

Communication is key to ensure a business runs smoothly and many of our valued partners are designing innovative solutions that enable people to stay connected regardless of where they are and what device they are using.

The innovative technologies make collaboration as seamless as possible. Setting up a meeting now takes a click of a button so that when an idea strikes no time is lost in connecting and communicating with the right people. The result is a much more natural experience and the advancement in HD audio and video further improves the collaboration process.

Flexible, not fixed – the new video conferencing experience

With fluid workspaces and staff now competently working on mobile devices, unified communications has made a leap forward with a user experience that is intuitive and easy-to-use across all devices.

It is now possible to share visual content from any device in a video conference, with this information being saved to a recording so that everyone can refer back to content at a later date.

This is further enhanced by cloud applications that sync conversations across all devices in real-time so discussions can continue long after the meeting has ended. If another meeting is needed, newer applications eliminate the need to send out lengthy calendar invites with complicated dial-in details. Participants instead connect via a simple link.

Technology should enable collaboration, not get in the way of it. These new solutions are simple and intuitive and integrate easily into workflows so that collaboration can take place without barriers of location or device. Through streamlining and improving the video and UC experience, businesses can improve productivity and drive a more connected, collaborative work environment.

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