Raising productivity

When you can reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve decision-making across your business, the business impact can be staggering. That’s what a leading dental care brand discovered when it partnered with SCC AVS to deliver a communications solution that brings together 400+ dental practices. The simple, intuitive solution enables highly productive meetings at any scale. As a result, the customer is benefitting from faster decision-making, more productivity, and scalability that can be replicated across the business.

A spokesperson for the customer said: “SCC AVS was invaluable. Its technical understanding is excellent, and the team’s knowledge of the market is impressive. They knew exactly what would be best for our requirements. They even identified an issue with a projector from an old supplier and fixed that as well.”

Holiday shopping experience transformed

In response to changing consumer behaviour, one of the biggest tour operators in the world wanted to create an innovative in-store experience that blurred the distinction between online and in-store holiday shopping. SCC AVS designed and installed high-impact, interactive multimedia walls. All digital signage was configured to be managed remotely, allowing staff to focus on customer interactions. These were also customizable to allow staff to personalise large scale projection walls in real time. This enabled them to deliver an engaging, exciting holiday buying experience and fully immerse customers in their dream holiday.

A spokesperson for the customer said: “The message for retailers is clear: the high street is changing, and SCC AVS has helped us realise digital solutions which engage a generation of shoppers who demand experiences that blur online and in-store shopping.”

The value of cloud videoconferencing

A FTSE 250 group wanted to strengthen its global decision making. The group is firmly on the acquisition trail, increasing in size and complexity, and required a collaboration solution for meeting rooms and personal devices that could drive better conversations with remote senior management teams. Having been unsuccessful in finding a seamless visual communications solution in the past, part of the challenge was for SCC AVS to convince the group’s leadership that it could achieve tangible business outcomes by adopting StarLeaf’s highly intuitive cloud videoconferencing and calling solution.

The solution was successfully deployed and managed by SCC AVS, enabling senior management to simply open the StarLeaf application from any location, on any device and begin collaborating face-to-face. StarLeaf’s interoperability means other users simply download the free software with any browser or use any existing video endpoint.

A spokesperson for the customer said: “We had used a first-generation videoconferencing solution in the past, but it was clunky and took a long time to set up. As such, management lost confidence in using it on a regular basis. SCC AVS made a strong business case as to the ways video conferencing has advanced. We are glad we listened to them, the StarLeaf solution is extremely easy to use.”

Water success

SCC AVS and StarLeaf have partnered with a leading UK water supplier to help keep its people connected from multiple locations across the UK. As a company delivering water to 4.5 million people, it is vast and geographically diverse – with employees operating at home, in offices, at water pumping stations, reservoirs, and leisure sites.

The customer had mostly addressed part of this challenge by choosing Microsoft Skype for Business as its unified communications platform but there was a gap connecting to legacy video conferencing systems. They also needed to easily offer remote workers a straightforward and effective way to communicate with their colleagues via video in key meeting rooms.

A spokesperson for the customer explained: “The fact our existing meeting room systems couldn’t connect to Skype desktops gave us the opportunity to review our requirements and plan for a new, simple video solution. We were in the early stages of our research into this area when we were introduced to SCC AVS and StarLeaf. StarLeaf’s product fits the bill as it works directly with Skype for Business. StarLeaf has one user interface, regardless of platform.”

NHS Trust improves out-of-hospital care

A London-based NHS Trust with 3,000 dedicated staff providing a leading level of out-of-hospital care to patients needed a suitable IT system to streamline its central operations.

SCC AVS led the design, technical specification and installation of the new incident control room to meet the Trust’s coordination and communication challenges, resulting in a streamlined operations department, more effective management of its healthcare services and greater efficiency when communicating with staff and partners.

A spokesperson for the customer said: “On top of the excellent service we received, the quality of the installation and the solutions were brilliant. We now have a solution of the highest quality and one that allows us to effectively support our staff at all times. From start to finish, we were kept informed on the progress and SCC AVS was incredibly flexible. We would recommend SCC AVS to other healthcare providers and will definitely be working with them again.”

Efficiency and collaboration

An independent commissioning body with responsibility for overseeing the UK electioneering process chose SCC AVS to improve its IT efficiency and staff collaboration. The customer decided to implement a more flexible home-based working model for its IT support and helpdesk staff, recognising the need for a visual communications and collaboration strategy that would guarantee high support service levels, widespread improvements to staff and IT efficiency, a better work/life balance for relocated staff, a financial model that met governmental regulations, and long-term value and return on investment.

SCC AVS was identified as a collaboration provider capable of designing a flexible solution on budget and on time that would cater to all end-user technical abilities. SCC AVS outlined a collaboration process that included an intuitive desktop video solution, user training materials to drive usage and a delivery model that would allow the organisation’s central IT department to manage staff and their communication.

A spokesperson for the customer said: “SCC AVS was fantastic. With our shift to remote working we needed to maintain face-to-face communication. We didn’t have anything in place before and the solution has worked perfectly for every user. In terms of ROI, we’ve been amazed with how quickly SCC AVS implemented what we needed and the popularity of the system. With its help, we created user materials that have provided staff clear step-by-step usage instructions, helping drive adoption and end-user satisfaction.”