« BAE Systems needed a cost-effective IT recycling solution to dispose of or reuse IT equipment and associated materials. SCC and CSC worked together to create an innovative approach to BAE Systems’ recycling needs. »

Each year, the Military Air Solutions division of BAE Systems deploys around 3,500 laptops, PCs and workstations, all with a typical lifecycle of no more than four years. The equipment was packaged in cardboard boxes with polystyrene, which over a year amounted to three tonnes of waste cardboard and 0.5 tonnes of polystyrene. The waste cardboard and polystyrene were taken to onsite skips and either sent for recycling or out to landfill, creating a significant environmental burden as well substantially increasing costs.

BAE systems recognised that it was not only creating vast volumes of waste cardboard and polystyrene but also large quantities of redundant, waste IT equipment. SCC conducted a review of BAE Systems’ existing on-site IT and related materials disposal process to identify key areas where waste was generated and the how improvements could be made in terms of recycling and re-usage.

As a data erasure specialist, SCC was able to provide extensive onsite data erasure services to BAE Systems, removing confidential data from redundant IT equipment before either remarketing, redeploying or destroying the kit.

“By implementing the onsite and off-site solutions devised by SCC and CSC, BAE Systems’ whole disposal process is now more efficient and cost-effective. This includes reduced landfill and capital expenditure and savings in embodied carbon”

“This new approach of reuse and recycling of IT materials is now being implemented across other parts of BAE System’s business as well as other CSC customers.” said Christina Aspden, Head of IM&T Service Improvement.