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One of the major business challenges facing organisations is whether video has become the corporate asset they expected it to be, or whether they are still struggling to drive end-user adoption.

Despite enterprise video being simple to understand, it can be difficult to get right.

This is because there is no set blueprint for success. Every organisation has different expectations and each individual has their own communication preferences. As a result, this raises two key questions:

  1. How do you engage a workforce to use video and which tools do they need on a day-to-day basis?
  2. From an IT perspective, how do you prevent video becoming a risk to the corporate network?

As well as the above, even after equipping a business with the necessary framework and tools to meet those challenges head on, other questions might still remain.

For example, what defines a successful video deployment? For some it might be faster decision-making or lower IT costs, while others could see the value in departments that are better connected, desire an increase in sales figures, or possess a communications portfolio that is ready for the emerging Millennial workforce.

Setting out clear return on investment (ROI) metrics is imperative if the business is to understand its current position and what actions need to be taken to maximise its investment.

Ultimately, employees must find it easy to create and consume video content alongside unified communications to generate long-term results. Heads of user experience are becoming increasingly influencial in enterprises as lines of business become more involved in IT.

In practice, this means delivering a flawless user experience, as well as reducing the threat that video poses to the IT department. Effective network management, high-impact on-boarding programmes and flexible solution design all come into play here.

Video shouldn’t be a struggle. Instead it should accelerate business growth and help an organisation to outperform its competition. That is why we are assembling a group of industry veterans and experts for an upcoming event on the topic.

To learn where video is heading, contact events@avsnet.co.uk to register your interest and we will be in touch in the future about upcoming events.

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