A successful unified communications and collaboration strategy is the cornerstone to sustained workplace productivity.

Implementing a successful unified communications and collaboration strategy requires various skills across a wide range of disciplines. By its very nature it draws together a number of previously silo’d technologies to provide a holistic solution for your organisation. While there are plenty of resellers and integrators who understand pieces of the puzzle, having all the skills in-house to envision and realise the whole picture is core SCC AVS.

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For modern business tools, it is especially important that your network is optimised for seamless collaboration. To take full advantage of emerging technologies, you need to know how to properly deploy, support, and integrate them into your existing infrastructure. If your organisation has undergone rapid demand for collaborative solutions, we can help provide the perspective needed.


A complete collaboration experience includes calling, meetings, teams, contact centre, and integrated devices for all situations. We can help define the strategy to deliver solutions for enterprise-grade cloud calling, enabling you to replace your PBX network with a trusted cloud solution.


Understanding current and future technology is vital to ensure SCC AVS offers a durable, high quality infrastructure solution that delivers now, and provides capability in the future. Our team of solution architects will ensure that cost and performance is optimised against initial targets set, while providing all of the information required throughout the process to endorse quality decisions.

Contact Centre

We can offer consulting across Contact Centre solutions including full delivery and support services for many solutions that include integration with market leading desktop software such as Microsoft Teams.

Key benefits include options for on-premise and cloud enabling dispersed and virtual Contact Centres to support today’s diverse agent location requirements, an Interactive Voice Response with speech-enabled intelligent voice capability, conversational virtual assistant that helps provide personalised self-service to customers, integration with many CRM services and full analytics and clear management dashboards.


We specialise in the delivery of collaborative solutions and innovative multimedia system integration, this includes AV presentation systems, command centres, digital signage, IPTV, streaming media and video on demand. The convergence of collaboration technology with IT and networks, is producing ever more flexible, efficient and effective communication solutions. As a class-leader multi-vendor technology solutions provider, SCC is in the ideal position to help customers to select, procure and install collaboration requirements.

Room Design

SCC AVS help you deliver optimum efficiency with a set of room standards across your organisation. Fully designed to meet your business needs, they are deployed and supported providing a consistent and manageable AV environment that drives adoption through simplicity and a consistent user experience.


Selecting the UC licensing model for your business is critical to ensure that you maximise the value and effectively manage your licensing arrangements. A reactive licensing renewal could lead to inefficiencies, excess cost, or mismanagement that could lead to licensee claims. We have significant experience of complex licensing arrangements to help review existing licensing, understand this against current business strategy and the most efficient vendor programmes.

Usage & Adoption

User adoption is key to the success of your investment and our dedicated usage and adoption team will work with you to develop and deliver user strategies providing workshops, content and ongoing training to make the most out of your investment. We ensure faster, better adoption by users which lead to a faster ROI ensuring performance improvements are met.


Our in-house training and communications skills with a deep understanding of transformational projects to help our customers manage new technology. We have the capability to deliver all end user training to our customers, no matter what the software or hardware, by utilising a proven methodology that is both vendor and device agnostic.

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The way we work has undergone a seismic shift. Organisations have rapidly accelerated the adoption of remote working with solutions from Microsoft Teams to Town Hall events in an effort to achieve the benefits a work-from-anywhere strategy can deliver.



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