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As discussed in our previous blog, motivating and incentivising staff to use solutions provides more than just the obvious cost benefits.

There are a broad range of possibilities which include:

Financial Advantages

  • Reduced operational costs and travel related expenditure; carbon footprint savings
  • Shorter time to market and faster customer responses; larger sales pipeline
  • Reduced CAPEX expenditure through managed service utilisation
  • Higher revenues from service provision improvements
  • Consolidation of legacy equipment drives cost reductions and greater economies of scale
  • Lower recruitment costs via a quicker hiring process and more efficient communication

Business Benefits

  • Enhanced communication yields improved collaboration and global efficiency advantages
  • Better utilisation of key assets and staff during internal, partner and customer-facing interactions
  • Accelerated time to market due to greater collaboration between design teams, production facilities and distribution network
  • Supply chain improvements – quicker decision making, clearer approval process and faster channel distribution
  • Greater scalability / agility – accommodate market shifts, technological developments and changing customer behaviour

Personnel Impacts

  • Clearer interaction between employees and senior management reduces misunderstandings and enhances engagement
  • Better work/life balance for all staff through flexible working
  • More effective training and visual information sharing between a geographically dispersed workforce
  • Stronger customer and partner loyalty
  • Improved talent management, staff retention and lower employee churn 

Our final blog on user adoption will focus on relevant strategies to yield the above.

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