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A sigh erupts across our office – a colleague is grappling with a third-party application. “I give up!” comes their cry. How often does this occur in your own workplace?

We’d hazard a guess it’s more than you think. After all, actions speak louder than words and if workers struggle with new technology, they simply stop using it.

You might be in the middle of this battle yourself. After all, we’re fickle creatures and we want everything in our lives to be as easy as possible.

Collaboration technology is no exception. It enhances our professional lives and for businesses, produces a highly productive, connected workforce, though only when solutions offer the trifecta of end-user adoption:

  1. Extremely easy-to-use technology
  2. Personal benefits that are clear for each individual user
  3. Training and intuitive design that help users quickly solve issues

Basically, number one is essentially “press this, this happens”. If any extra steps are needed, then we’ve failed in our mission.

The second point involves education – understanding how the solution will help you personally.

The third aspect is training and end-user on-boarding – practical sessions, refresher workshops and regular communication to ensure the application evolves with the business.

When these elements come together, end-users typically flourish and the collaboration solution becomes deeply embedded within an organisation.

That said, one crucial point – if you’re apprehensive about investing in adoption services now, you generally end up paying more for it in the future. This is because the earliest stages of a collaboration deployment are when employees are most willing to try a solution and are accepting of a small learning curve.

If they have dismissed a solution in the past and are asked to revisit it further down the line, they will naturally be more apprehensive and less open to potential benefits, no matter how hard you try to convince them…

Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or have a large collaboration ecosystem, we are here to help.

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