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3 - HR & VCM StoryWe believe video is the most powerful HR tool yet created and in the near future will be holding a roundtable with Polycom on the topic.

HR departments are under greater scrutiny than ever before and many HR managers feel undervalued, overworked and are facing mounting pressures from stringent employee development targets and compliance requirements.

Some of the statistics are startling. Only 20% of online courses are ever completed because training does not engage staff. The average corporate position takes 45 days to fill. 50% of external senior hires fail within 18 months.

Video content management offers a very real solution for HR directors looking to transform their professional lives and the departments they run. It can help prevent your business from becoming another inefficiency statistic. For example, one case we will discuss is how integrated engagement metrics built into video training resources can generate stronger employee development results.

This is just one of many positive business outcomes from the creative use of video content management. Higher job satisfaction and performance from staff, reduced occupational stress through simplified procedures and more efficient training processes all await with the correct deployment strategy.

Attend our roundtable and you will learn how to:

  • Effectively hit staff development targets and ensure compliance commitments are met using engaging, measurable video based training
  • Reduce the time, effort and cost of bringing new staff on board and up to speed
  • Understand how building an on-demand video library of training assets can improve employee learning practices
  • Minimise risk of employee tribunals by recording staff complaint processes
  • Enable your CEO to communicate with the entire organisation simultaneously
  • Ensure employees understand, and buy into, your company culture
  • Successfully hire and retain world class staff through efficient candidate evaluations

Eradicating your HR pain points is a very real possibility and there are tools available to make your HR department more successful, your staff better motivated and your CEO happier. Please contact Nicola Davies at events@avsnet.co.uk to register your interest in a future event.

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